Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Oncolys BioPharma recognizes that it is important and our social responsibility to protect your personal information in operation of our business. We properly handle and thoroughly keep confidential all personal information that you provide to us, with establishing this Personal Information Protection Policy and keeping all officers and employees informed about this Policy, and we will implement this Policy with integrity. We are strongly aware of the importance of protection of the personal information, and we will collect, use or provide the personal information within a scope of achieving our business.

  1. We will comply with laws, ordinances and guidelines legislated by the government and any other rules concerning personal information protection.
  2. When we collect the personal information, we will use the personal information within a scope of the purposes of use that are clearly explained to you. We will maintain the personal information and take measures in order to prevent deviant use of the personal information.
  3. We will take appropriate measures technically and organizationally to prevent the personal information from being leaked, lost or destroyed, and we will make efforts to correct such measures.
  4. We have the personal information inquiry desk for your inquiries or complaints concerning your personal information as follows. We will make efforts to promptly respond to your inquiry, and we will ensure protection of the personal information.
  5. We will set up a management structure to ensure protection of the personal information and make sure that all officers and employees to treat the personal information in an appropriate manner. In addition, we will review the management structure periodically and make effort to improve such structure.