Corporate Philosophy

Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of medical science in the world, by bringing innovation to the existing treatments for cancer and serious infectious diseases, leveraging our virology-based new drug discovery technologies.

To achieve this:

  • We continue to bring our passion into medical innovation and keep exerting our best efforts;
  • We, being a young and small company, aim to challenge things big companies cannot. It is an adventure and we strive to achieve the goals;
  • We are focused on how many lives we can save, rather than on how much profit we can make. We believe a quest for this mindset will consequently bring us profit.
  • We share this mindset not only with the management and employees, but also with our shareholders;
  • We commit ourselves to transparency and regular information disclosure; and
  • We comply with all laws and regulations governing our company's behavior as we aspire to contributing to society.