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Oncolys BioPharma Inc.-President & CEO  Yasuo Urata

The mission of Oncolys Biopharma is to contribute to the advancement of medical science in the world through bringing innovation to the existing treatments for cancer and serious infectious diseases, using our virology-based new drug discovery technologies. In addition, our long term target is to tackle the challenges in the field of orphan drugs and to address unmet medical needs for patients with intractable diseases around the world.

At present Oncolys has two business segments. In Pharmaceutical Business, Telomelysin (OBP-301), an oncolytic adenovirus immunotherapy is in clinical development targeting various types of solid tumors including melanoma and esophageal cancer. Along with Telomelysin, an anti-HIV drug OBP-601 (Censavudine) and a novel HDAC inhibitor OBP-801 are also under development in the United States. With strong expertise in drug discovery and development, Oncolys is committed to give very careful attention to maintain the highest ethical and scientific standards in clinical trials and drug development. And we believe that the shortest way to bring innovation to medical science, as set out as our mission, is to license-out our drug candidates at early development stage to large pharmaceutical companies which are more advantaged from perspectives of access to resources and wide distribution network. This idea is reflected in the business model of Pharmaceutical Business.
Furthermore, at Oncolys we also see that orphan drugs are the area where we can leverage our entrepreneurial characteristics as a young biotech company. The number of orphan disease patients in the world is relatively small, which is the main reason large organizations cannot attend to the area due to the internal process and operation constraints, while, however, needs for new drugs are extremely high.
In Diagnostics Business, we have a unique CTC (circulating tumor cell) detection adenovirus TelomeScan under development, for possible application for companion diagnostics and laboratory tests, as a useful tool to determine prognosis after surgery and early detection of cancer. Currently there are a number of research institutions that use TelomeScan for research purposes both domestically and internationally.

Since Oncolys got listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2013, we have been privileged to receive countless advices and supports from our stakeholders from patients and medical doctors to investors and public institutions, which is a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep us move on in our endeavors of new drug development.

All of us at Oncolys BioPharma are thankful for your ongoing confidence and support, and we remain focused on achieving our mission to bring innovative drugs for patients suffering from intractable cancer and untreatable rare diseases. We believe that our tireless pursuit for novel drugs and scientific contributions can make the world healthier and better.
Oncolys BioPharma Inc.
President & CEO Yasuo Urata