Telomelysin (OBP-301)


Telomelysin or OBP-301 is oncolytic adenovirus in which gene is modified to be able to selectively replicate in cancer cells by introducing human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) promotor. Oncolytic adenovirus has much potential for cancer immunotherapy because its viral replication is highly immunogenic, and oncolysis induced by such virus releases tumor epitopes and provides costimulatory danger signals. From the result of phase 1 clinical study in the US, Oncolys obtained promising data showing abscopal effect in melanoma patients after single injection into one single tumor and found that not only increasing infiltration of CD8 and antigen presenting cells but diminishing Treg cells in injected tumor site.
Oncolys has been conducting phase1/2 clinical study of Telomelysin for hepatocellular carcinoma in Korea and Taiwan and phase 2 clinical study for melanoma. We will also soon initiate phase 1/2 study for esophageal cancer in combination with radiation, and another phase 1/2 study for esophageal cancer in combination with a check-point inhibitor in Japan.


Target indication

Esophageal cancer, melanoma and hepatocellular carcinoma

Current status

In preclinical studies for Telomelysin, Oncolys has demonstrated effective anti-tumor activity on various cancer cells, and there was no finding that may bring safety concerns in toxicological studies as well as bio-distribution study. Oncolys completed the phase 1 clinical trial for solid tumors in the US with 16 subjects for single dosing and 6 subjects for repeated dosing. Most of the adverse events observed in the study was mild to moderate and transient, and there was a sign of efficacy showing tumor shrinkage in 8 out of 12 evaluable patients.
In Japan, investigator initiated clinical research for esophageal cancer in combination with radiotherapy has been conducted in Okayama University. 4 out of 7 patients (1 withdrawn due to the progress of other diseases) showed CR (complete response), and CD8 T cell infiltration was observed in tumor area. Based on positive results in this study, Oncolys is in preparation to initiate company-sponsored clinical trial with same study design in Japan.
In addition, Oncolys has been conducting phase 1/2 clinical trial of Telomelysin targeting hepatocellular carcinoma patients refractory to existing cancer treatments in Korea and Taiwan under the IND approved by the US FDA, which is collaboratively conducted with Taiwanese biotech company, called Medigen Biotechnology Corp. Nine patients in total (single dosing cohorts, 1 to 3; 3 patients in each cohort) have been enrolled to date, and DSMB confirmed the safety of intrahepatically administered Telomelysin. Two patients showed efficacy sign, one showed necrotic region in the injected site and another showed stable disease for long time.
We further have a plan to initiate two clinical studies. One is melanoma study in the US, and Oncolys has already submitted the study protocol to the US FDA. We anticipate the first patient enrollment in 1Q 2017. The other one is esophageal cancer study in combination with check-point inhibitor, which will be initiated in 2Q, 2017.

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  • Japan, United States, Europe, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, China, Hong Kong,
    South Korea, Canada.


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